What the DOL’s Fiduciary Rule Means Now and What You Can Do About It

You have heard much about the results of the new definition of fiduciary released by the Department of Labor (“DOL”). Few pieces of regulation have been as long-awaited, as hotly contested, or as little understood.

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Learnings from Watching the Death March of the Fiduciary Rule

Major parts of the Department of Labor’s (“DOL(’s)”) new fiduciary rule may- ultimately- oh, so sssslowly- meet their demise. We among the industry have watched in agony with each new twist and turn, spent countless hours reviewing and analyzing the rule and may now wonder what value has been gleaned from all the trauma.

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Do You Give Investment Advice to IRAs? Then Take Note, the Fiduciary Rule Means You.

President and ERISA Counsel, IFP Plan Advisors

We have heard about the DOL’s new fiduciary rule ad infinitum. However, some advisors may continue to miss the message that the reach of the rule extends well beyond traditional, employer-sponsored retirement plans.

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