Q3 IFP Advisor Town Hall

This week we held the official Q3 IFP Advisor Town Hall to highlight some of the big updates over the last few months that advisors may have missed. Check out our latest updates and let us know if you have any questions.

Broker-Dealer Application Submitted

The application to become a broker-dealer has been officially submitted to FINRA. We are on track for the December deadline and hope to have more information on that after the 180 day review window has closed.

Corporate Entities Created

The corporate entities have been created for the broker-dealer. We created two entities:— IFP Securities, LLC and IFP Group, LLC. IFP Securities, LLC will be the broker-dealer legal entity and IFP Group, LLC is the holding company that will own the BD, RIA, Insurance Group, Technology, Institutional, and Plan Advisor companies. Advisors will own shares in the holding company. We’ll talk more details on this soon, so stay tuned.

More New Hires

To celebrate the sheer number of new hires this quarter, we drafted a big announcement to our advisors. We are dedicated to providing the support our advisors need to build their firms and work toward prosperity.

New Technology Implemented

As promised, technology is one of our biggest focuses at our new broker-dealer. We’ve partnered with a number of providers with the goal of improving the onboarding process, providing a quality experience for clients, giving more freedom of choice, and much more. We’re excited about everything we’re providing for our advisors and we think you will be as well.

Custodian Transitions are Enabled

IFP advisors can now move assets away from LPL at any time. If you are part of IFP and would like to begin the process, please contact our transitions department.

Transition Package Information Sent

Over the last quarter we managed to send out all transition packages and had some good conversations with most of our advisors.

New Plan Advisor Services through RPAG

Retirement Plan Advisor Group™ (RPAG™) is working alongside our firm and Jeff Acheson to provide a different experience for our plan advisors. Rather than offer a one-for-one service that’s similar to other firms, we want to be disruptors in this space. It’s time for some innovation and RPAG™ will help us get there.

More Plan Advisor Tools on the Way

In the spirit of the aforementioned industry disruption, we are in talks with a number of vendors and subject matter experts to identify some new opportunities. Stay tuned for more information.

New Advisors Added

Recruiting efforts are in full swing and we’re getting a lot of positive attention from our broker-dealer announcement. We’ll continue adding more advisors to our roster as we near the full transition date.

IFP Recruiting and Referrals Program

We have relied on internal recruiting since the beginning of IFP, but we want to create a new program that involves everyone. More information on this program will become available in the coming months.

Chris Hamm to Continue Making of a Broker-Dealer Series

IFP’s chief operating officer, Chris Hamm, will continue his Making of Broker-Dealer Series. In this series, Chris is providing an inside look at the company and how we’re preparing for the BD launch. These are only available to IFP advisors, so keep a look out for those internal communications.

More Robust High Net Worth Client Toolset

Advisors need more tools to handle the unique needs of high net worth clients. With the addition of Jeff Acheson and a few key service providers, we hope to deliver a more robust experience for HNW individuals.

A Demo of Advisor[X]

IFP advisors can now view the Advisor[X] beta video. Email [email protected] for a link to this recording. We are excited to bring this technology to your doorstep and we intend to extend beta invitations to more advisors in the coming months.