The Truth About Branding for Financial Advisors Part 1

This month’s article of Cut The Wire, is the first of three articles brought to you by the IFP Design Group, IFP’s in-house team of experienced and incredibly passionate branding, design, and marketing strategists and consultants. The team acts as the advisor’s ‘design fiduciary’ while assisting IFP advisors with developing and owning their brand and brand assets.

Avoiding Insurance Could Be Costing You

It’s 2017 and at the time of writing this blog post a new administration is heading into the White House. No matter your political preference, there will be no end to the ‘noise’. There isn’t a doubt in my mind there will be countless other interesting issues and events unfolding as the year moves forward – even more of that ‘noise’ we mentioned.

Comfort is Killing Your Practice

Comfort – it’s what happens when you stop showing up to your not-so-new-anymore job 30 minutes early. It’s what happens when you start letting yourself eat in the car because the new car smell has worn off. It’s even what happens when you decide to pass a little gas on the couch next to your significant other because you both have been dating for months now and you’ve got that on lock.

Top 3 Land Mines To Avoid When Changing Firms

1. A Misaligned Business Model:

Advisors serve client niches and don’t try to be all things to all clients, as do firms. More and more Financial Advisors are serving client niches, and finding a great deal of success in being a specialist to their clients.