We strive to simplify the transition process by merging advanced technology with IFP’s human capital.

IFP's Transition Team

Every advisor that joins IFP receives white glove support from our team of transition experts. These professionals will assist advisors and their staff in creating and filling out form packages, distributing them to clients, and ensuring accounts are opened up expediently when the packages are returned.

Transition Dashboard

Transitioning advisors can use Advisor[X], our proprietary user interface, to track the status of their transition, view remaining checklist items, and determine the number of accounts and clients that have yet to be transferred.

Repapering Technology

IFP provides transitioning advisors with access to multiple repapering technologies, allowing for electronic signature and automated account opening.

Transition Support

The IFP transitions team helps streamline the onboarding process, answer advisor inquiries, and handle the brunt of the work.

Donna G. Harris

Manager, Onboarding

Luz Ciprian

Senior Associate, Onboarding

Jakub Novak

Manager, Client Services

Khala Watson

Associate, Client Services

Alisa Knafelc

Associate, Client Services

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