3 Tips for Proper Video Lighting

When capturing a video perhaps the most important part of the process is making sure that you have proper lighting. No matter the quality of the camera recording the image, an understanding of light can help all video makers get the most out of their set up. Below I have put together a list of three essentials tips that well help you employ great lighting for your video projects.

Use Windows During the Day for Indoor Video Lighting

Windows can come in quite handy when you are putting together indoor videos during the day. When setting up your shot make sure your subject is directly facing the window as it will illuminate them evenly. Keep in mind, however, that if sunlight is pouring through the window it can create harsh shadows on your face that are unflattering. In situations like this it is best to back the camera and subject away from the window and try and cut the light down with blinds or drapes.

Turn On Your Lamp at Night for Indoor Video Lighting

Say we are shooting a video at night and want proper lighting. Sitting or standing close to a lamp that is placed directly in front of our subject can be the perfect option to get a great exposure. We should be sure to diffuse the light, however, so that we don’t incur harsh light that produces ugly shadows. Luckily, most lamps already come with shades attached to them that do the diffusion for us.

Find Shade to Shoot in When Shooting Outdoors During the Day

Always avoid direct sunlight when shooting outdoors as it will produce harsh shadows on your face and generally come across quite unflattering. Therefore clouds are our best friend on very sunny days as they natural diffuse light from the sun to create even lighting. On days where there aren’t a cloud in the sky to be found, we can accomplish even lighting by finding a shaded area to shoot in.