A digital interface designed for financial professionals.


View a high-level snapshot of the metrics that matter most. With this fully customizable interface, your imagination is the limit.


Find answers to questions, the forms you need, and more with the Advisor[X] Knowledgebase. Built based on financial professional's feedback, we make it easy to find what you need.

Single Sign-On

Access all the online applications and tools used by your firm from a single, secure location. Never forget a password again.


Ask and you shall receive. Advisor[X] features a centralized area for tracking requests and monitoring statuses in real time.

Core Components

Single Sign On

Powered by Okta and equipped with government-level security, Advisor[X] provides single sign-on capabilities for any web-based applications or login portal.


The Community is a place where financial professionals can share ideas, post articles, chat with active users, and form groups to discuss topics of interest.


Every financial professional has a customizable profile within Advisor[X], allowing them to customize their appearance and experience inside IFP’s ecosystem.


Alerts from native IFP applications and integrated third-party applications are aggregated into this centralized area, ensuring important action items are highlighted and easily accessible.


A search bar remains accessible at all times on the Advisor[X] home navigation, allowing users to quickly search for information, documents, and records.


Advisor[X] users can submit inquiries that become documented tickets. Each ticket contains the status and the IFP employee responsible for fulfilling the request.


View summarized details for client and account records as well as the ability to launch relevant applications from those records, including CRM software, custodian websites, and document storage systems.


The Advisor[X] knowledgebase is both a document repository and resource center where users can easily search for and find forms, agreements, marketing materials, and interactive training resources.


Financial professionals can use the marketplace to explore the various applications and technologies available through Advisor[X] or request that IFP’s technology team vet a new service provider.

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