Advisory Platform

Multiple custodians, multiple ways to manage money. Our advisory platform can be as customizable or turnkey as you want.

Corporate Advisory Platform

Assets on IFP's corporate advisory platform are custodied at Pershing, LLC and clear through IFP Securities, LLC. Financial professionals can access these 6 programs, and they don't have to pay arbitrary admin fees if they manage the portfolios themselves.


Financial Professionals Portfolio Manager

With IFP’s rep as PM program, there are no admin fees and options are available for transactional and asset-based pricing on an account by account basis.


Separately Managed Accounts

Closely manage your clients’ accounts and make personalized investment decisions based on their needs. The investing power is in your hands.


Robo-Advisor Solutions

Powered by AdvisorEngine, IFP’s robo-advisor platform supports custodian integrations, paperless client onboarding, and real-time compliance monitoring.


Low Minimum Strategists

LMS is a mutual fund and ETF wrap program that offers portfolios composed of a suite of American Funds core portfolios and twelve model portfolios managed by Lockwood to assist emerging and mass affluent investors potentially grow their wealth.


Third-Party Strategists

TPS offers fully diversified mutual fund and/or exchange-traded product (ETP) models guided by 14 institutional portfolio strategists.


Unified Managed Accounts

This offers third-party strategist models, separately managed accounts, mutual funds, ETPs, and equities in a single, easy-to-implement account that can be customized depending on the client’s risk tolerance.

Additional Custodians

IFP financial professionals can choose between 4 other advisory custodians, without paying additional oversight fees.

Flexible Transaction Pricing

When it comes to advisory trading costs, IFP financial professionals can choose between transaction-based pricing or asset-based pricing on all of our custodian platforms.

Platform Costs

In addition to fee flexibility, IFP’s platform offers no admin fees on our rep as portfolio manager (RPM) platform. Financial professionals have the freedom to build and manage discretionary portfolios without the added cost.

Outsourced Investment Management

Whether you're using our in-house team, IFP Asset Management, our third-party platforms at Pershing, or our direct relationships with third party asset managers, we make it easy to outsource the management of your advisory portfolios.

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