Outsourced Investment Management and Financial Planning

IFP Asset Management is a multi-CFA team of trading and research specialists. We allow advisors to outsource client asset management and execute their financial plan without lifting a finger.

Our Difference

With proprietary model portfolios, sub-advised strategies, and custom portfolios for high-net-worth clients, our team is equipped to handle even the most complex situations. In addition, if your client has more than $1 million in investments, we can take their calls and meet them in person if necessary.

Behavioral Investing Strategy

Clients naturally fear the dangers of taking risk. Identifying their ability to tolerate market volatility is the first step towards creating a financial plan that will satisfy or exceed their expectations.

Custom Case Design

We don’t believe in giving you and your clients boilerplate solutions. IFP Asset Management designs each case to match a client’s risk tolerance and expected growth while limiting the emotional element from the equation.

Portfolio Management

Advisors need time to grow their practices, obtain more clients, and hire staff. By taking the day-to-day portfolio management off their plates, advisors are free to achieve their business goals without clinging to the Bloomberg Terminal.

Trading Platforms

By utilizing multiple trading platforms, IFP Asset Management has access to a wide selection of investment options. We create customized performance reports for advisors’ clients and make a concerted effort to answer any questions that might arise. Trading should be transparent, not a secretive proprietary process.

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) Certified

Our investment team believes in complete transparency with you and your clients. Having obtained our GIPS® certification, we provide all performance figures regardless of the positive or negative results. We don’t need smoke and mirrors to create sound investment strategies that advisors can get behind.

Weekly and Quarterly Economic Updates

Weekly and quarterly economic updates are provided to wealth managers using IFP Asset Management. These email communications help you explain your clients’ investments and better understand the state of the economy. We’ve got your back.

IFP Asset Management Support

IFP Asset Management is a multi-CFA research team providing fiduciary-level investment services.

Aaron Gilman

Chief Investment Officer

Peter Nunley

Director, Asset Management

Hessum Zangenehpour

Director, Trading

Emily Palko

Investment Product Specialist

Robert Olsen

Associate, Trading Operations

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