Our specialized marketing division seeks to build brands, create better client experiences and make our financial professionals look good.

Educational by Design

We don’t simply take orders and pump out collateral or websites. The IFP Design Group will sit down with your firm to discuss strategies and methods to organically grow your business’s brand.

Usability + User Experience

Whether you’re utilizing the IFP brand or an independent identity, our team can help craft an unforgettable, client-focused experience.

Our Approach

Brand Strategy

A brand is a financial professional’s lifeblood. The elements of a brand are as big as the sign on your building and as small as the way your administrator brews coffee for clients. We’ll provide the necessary tools to create a brand and teach your team how to best use them.

Advertising Consultation

IFP is an avid promoter of social media, search engine, and print advertising. We’ll steer you in the right direction based on the specific needs of your firm and help get you get noticed in a noisy world.

Website Development

The Design Group can create a seamless web experience for financial professioanls that organically attracts current and prospective clients. We offer access to custom solutions or you can leverage one of our pre-constructed templates depending on your level of need.

Research & Competitive Analysis

Better understand your competitors and the marketing tactics they’ve deployed. Through a data-driven approach, our team uses this information to make tactical decisions based on historical and current trends.

Advice and Training

We know financial professionals occasionally need a helping hand from an experienced marketer. We can help provide general marketing advice, web platform training, guidance for creating presentations, and much more completely free of charge.

Search Engine Optimization

Want to generate new business from your online presence? With extensive knowledge of search engine algorithms and web architectures, our team can provide a baseline audit of your website to identify areas for improvement.

Are you an IFP financial professional? Let the IFP Design Group start building your brand story.

IFP Design Group Support

The IFP Design Group is comprised of veteran marketers with an established track record of creating distinctive brand identities.

Michelle Peatee

Manager, Design Group