We design and implement customized wealth programs for financial institutions across the nation.

The IFP Institutional Services Advantage

We pride ourselves on our ability to build wealth management programs in regional, community, and super community banks across the United States.

For Financial Professionals

IFP Institutional Services is designed to help generate more revenue for financial professionals by placing them in strategic positions at banking institutions. Leverage our connections to help build your practice.

Accelerate Practice Growth

The financial institution channel is a perfect vessel to aid in the expansion of your practice. Our team can build and retain key relationships, find more opportunities in your local area, and much more on your behalf. Growing your book of business has never been easier.

Practice Diversification

Like a good portfolio, financial professionals need to be diversified. Establishing multiple revenue streams via a banking institution can help stabilize your firm as clients come and go. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Create A Team

IFP Institutional Services only works with established, proven financial professionals. Before coming onboard, these professionals are specifically trained to mesh with your company’s culture and sales process.

For Institutions

Provide a comprehensive wealth management service to clients while generating more business for your financial institution. We can help establish the program, find the perfect financial profession for the job, and train staff to offer financial planning.

Build Fee Income

Expanding non-interest fee income is a huge opportunity for community banks to generate additional revenue while helping their clients. We’re establishing these programs to build franchise value while creating a scalable financial management initiative.

Market Differentiation

Our program aims to differentiate community banks from the larger firms in their region. Get customers more involved in their financial health with a financial professional that will always look out for their best interests.

Program Administration

We aren’t here to throw anyone into the deep end of the pool and walk away. IFP Institutional Services acts as a true partner to introduce wealth management programs or reengineer existing programs to fit the bill.

Trust Our Experience

We have years of experience establishing wealth programs in regional, community, and super community banks. IFP Institutional Services is your talent acquisition specialist for financial professionals.

Strategic Service Offering

Each institution is approached with a custom-built wealth management strategy that is tailored to customers and their needs. There’s no shortage of reasons to choose IFP.

  • Zero Capital Investment
  • Regulatory Compliance and Supervision
  • Training, Resources, and Recruiting
  • Strategic Alliance Introductions

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Institutional Services Support

Align yourself with a team of seasoned institutional professionals that can help build a program from the ground up.

Dan Overbey

Divisional President, IFP Institutional Services