We offer a collaborative experience to identify risk transfer options that match your clients’ needs.

Our Philosophy

We believe in improving outcomes through the strategic use of insurance vehicles. It’s never too soon to plan for tomorrow.

Case Support

Below are a few ways we help make it easier for financial professionals to service their clients’ cases.


Contingency planning is part of the process; we help you ensure there are no gaps. With access to subject matter experts and ad hoc teams when necessary, our knowledge base is expansive. Each situation calls for a new perspective, so we connect with key individuals to get the job done.

Case Design

Each case is designed with a client’s best interests in mind. Taking all scenarios into consideration, our experienced insurance professionals seek to find a reasonable solution to each problem. In turn, we make you look like a hero to clients.


Through our proprietary application system, the Kelle App, we can handle the entire underwriting process on your behalf for high-value plans. Leaving no client behind, every individual may utilize our user-friendly electronic submission process and pre-underwriting options.


Rather than relying on a call center, we act as your point of contact for all things case management. Our services include master class underwriting, case advocacy, and more. From submission to commission, we are your go-to, dedicated insurance team.

Our Areas of Focus

Coordinate with our team to perform a needs analysis and select from an expanded selection of insurance options to match your client’s financial planning strategy.

Analysis Tools

Our team can perform a life insurance needs analysis for your clients, determine long-term care costs, perform a business valuation, review a policy, and more. As time goes on, we will perform regular reevaluations of your clients’ insurance needs to discover options that mesh with their portfolio.

Life Insurance

We provide guidance for life insurance clients and their families. From breadwinner income replacement, self-completing retirement plans, supplemental retirement planning, college funding, and more, we offer a full gamut of options.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Protecting your client’s wealth is one of our top priorities. This also means guarding against an extended illness or disability that could possibly drain their retirement account, entire estate, or bankrupt them entirely.

Disability Income Replacement

If a client becomes disabled, they aren’t the only individuals that suffer. Families that rely on a steady paycheck are forced to find other means to provide for their loved ones. Our experts can help you select long-term or short-term insurance plans or a multi-life policy that mesh with your clients’ needs.

Business Solutions

IFP Insurance Group can establish all-encompassing buy-sell arrangements, key person protection, executive bonus plans, exit planning, and much more. Businesses lean on our division’s decades of expertise to help guide them through these delicate processes.

Executive Benefits

Our executive benefits program is designed to fill and retain key leadership positions within an organization. We also help facilitate the financial independence of business owners, executives, professionals, and retirees to ensure a company’s workforce is happy and healthy.

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Insurance Group Support

Let our team help expand your revenue stream and provide the risk transfer vehicles clients need.

Jayne Alford

Divisional President, IFP Insurance Group

Kelle Schnabel

Senior Associate, Insurance Services

Stacy Deranzio

Senior Associate, Case Management