Our CEFEX certified business model delivers a holistic multi-disciplinary approach to supporting Advisors focused on the qualified and non-qualified plan markets, whether they are a specialist, generalist or an occasionalist.

An End-to-End Solution

Our business development and client service continuum can help you build, manage and grow your retirement plan practice. Leverage us as a full-service support team or use our components on an a la carte basis – the choice is yours.

Our Primary Services

Back Office Support

While the integrated IFP ecosystem can support advisors across the spectrum of micro to mega sized plans, IFP Plan Advisors has a special focus and expertise in meeting the unique needs of micro-to-mid size plan sponsors thus expanding multidisciplinary revenue opportunities for our advisors.

Customized Advisory Agreements

We offer customized and compliance-reviewed service agreements. It’s about catering to differing plan sponsor needs while equipping advisors with maximum flexibility in defining and doing their job. If a client has a special request or unique circumstance, we will do our best to cater to their needs.

Marketplace Due Diligence

The highest and best use of an advisor’s time is meeting with clients and prospects, not doing due diligence on industry service providers, vendors and trends. Let our team shoulder that time-consuming burden for you as we continually work to glean insights and information from service providers, industry groups and the successes within our own network of advisors and affiliations.

Fund Analysis and Fee Benchmarking

To help our advisors maintain a strong competitive edge in serving existing clients or when pursuing new relationships, we can provide access to many of the premier investment analytic and fee benchmarking tools in the industry on a discounted basis. Some advisors prefer access to certain tools via their own personal subscription while others may simply need some periodic reports run by their IFP team. Either way, we can help you serve your clients and protect your practice with adherence to fiduciary best practices for funds and fees.

Our Value-Added Features

CEFEX Certified

We are driven by a fiduciary-based mindset, extending to our business model processes and procedures. As such, we take great pride in our perennial CEFEX-certified status; we want to be a firm both you and your clients can trust and have confidence in.

Multi-CFA Research Team

The IFP Asset Management team collaborates closely with the Plan Advisor division to help research investments, analyze existing plan menus and portfolios, manage assets under an ERISA 3(38) relationship, and more. In addition, our asset managers can assist high-net-worth individuals or highly compensated employees if they desire a new perspective or special attention.

Our Commitment to Advisor Choice

While we work hard on behalf of our advisors negotiating favorable enterprise-level partnerships and affiliations they can plug into, we never lose sight of the importance of advisor choice. If your preferences pass our regulatorily required due diligence process, we will work with you to support whichever retirement plan platforms, investment line-ups, service providers or analytic tools best suits your practice.

Our Commitment to Participant Financial Wellness

Within the IFP Plan Advisor division, we like to say we’re not in the "Plan Business" – we’re in the "People Business." To paraphrase our CEO, William Hamm, Jr., "We believe it’s time to create a better way to engage our plan sponsor participants to take charge of their financial wellbeing and it starts with our family of advisors."

Nonqualified Plan Benefits

Want to differentiate your practice from the competition, expand your value proposition, create new centers-of-influence and increase your revenues? If yes, IFP is uniquely qualified to help you incorporate nonqualified deferred compensation plans and related consulting into your value proposition. This niche of the market could be the perfect path to the triple benefit of landing new clients, generating more business with your existing clients and escalating your reputation within your business circles.

A Proud Member of the RPAG Alliance

IFP Plan Advisors is a proud member of the RPAG Alliance which provides IFP and its advisors access to a premier practice management platform. As of 1/1/2019 the RPAG Alliance was comprised of 425 firms, 2000 Advisors, 40,000 retirement plans and $450 billion dollars of collective assets under influence.

Plan Advisor Support

IFP Plan Advisors is comprised of multi-disciplinary specialists aiming to improve the planning experience for advisors, sponsors, and participants.

Jeff Acheson

Divisional President, IFP Plan Advisors

Jody Henley

Associate, Executive Assistant

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