IFP Technology offers proprietary and third-party technologies that allow our financial professionals to become more efficient in everything they do.

Proprietary Technology

Advisor[X] is IFP’s proprietary digital platform for financial professionals. We built our offering to serve as a launchpad for daily business operations and a digital community, allowing direct interactions with peers and home office staff.

Tech Support

Whether you need help logging in, or you need an entirely new computer and office setup, our IT specialists can provide the answers you need.

Third-Party Applications

IFP is agnostic to the number or types of applications we integrate with Advisor[X], assuming they meet our due diligence requirements and are able to integrate via API.

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IFP Technology Support

IFP’s technology team is comprised of bright, eager minds seeking innovative solutions to old industry problems.

Dan Burgess

Senior Associate, Information Technology

Chris LaSalle

Senior Associate, Information Technology

Daniel Ragbeer

Associate, Software Engineering