Our Culture

Our firm weaves the entrepreneurial spirit into every fiber of our being. Each employee is empowered to be the best version of themselves, striving to become leaders in their role while providing unparalleled support to financial professionals.

The Core Components


Become the easiest firm to work with for financial professionals.


Support independent financial professionals in all areas of their businesses.


Help our stakeholders continuously strive to become the greatest versions of themselves.

The Pursuit of Optimization

Our firm's North Star is greatness. This means we seek optimization in all areas, including the way we treat financial professionals, what we look for in our employees, and how we develop those employees.

How We Treat Financial Professionals

With Transparency

We like to be open with our financial professionals in all realms, including payouts, pricing, and the reasons we implement new policies. We have nothing to hide.

With Honesty

If we make mistakes, we'll admit them and do our best to improve. No one's perfect, but we do aim to be perfectly honest with our financial professionals.

With Accessibility

If something isn't getting done, we react quickly to address and resolve the situation.

Employee Core Values

IFP only seeks to hire and retain employees that exhibit all of our core values.

  • Ambition | Hunger For Success
  • Authenticity | Honesty and Self-Awareness
  • Collaboration | Desire and Ability to Work in Harmony With Others
  • Design | Optimization of Function and Aesthetic
  • Humility | No One Is Ever Above Any Person or Task
  • Innovation | Pursuit of Perpetual Change for the Better

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