7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Custodian

Feb 1, 2024 | Grow your Business, Practice Management

choosing a custodian

Selecting a custodian is one of the most impactful decisions financial advisors make for their practice. To facilitate this decision-making process, here are some key questions to ask yourself while choosing potential custodians:

1. How Does the Custodian Prioritize Security and Regulatory Compliance?

Security and regulatory compliance are foundational elements in the financial advisory industry. Inquire about the custodian’s security protocols and measures to ensure the protection of client assets. Request insights into their regulatory compliance history, seeking evidence of a strong track record.

2. What Technology Infrastructure Does the Custodian Offer, and How Well Does It Integrate with Existing Systems?

The technological backbone of a custodian is fundamental to the efficiency of advisory services. Explore the custodian’s technology infrastructure, assessing its capabilities for managing accounts and transactions. Investigate how seamlessly their platform integrates with your existing technology stack and be aware of any potential costs associated with integration.

3. What Is the Custodian’s Fee Structure, and Are There Any Hidden Fees?

The financial aspect is a crucial consideration. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the custodian’s fee structure and compare it with other options in the market. Inquire about any potential hidden fees that might impact the overall cost of using their services.

4. How Does the Custodian Enhance the Overall Client Experience?

A positive client experience is a key differentiator in a competitive market. Assess the custodian’s commitment to enhancing the overall client experience. Inquire about tools and resources designed to improve communication and satisfaction. Request testimonials or case studies from other advisors who have benefited from their services.

5. What Level of Support and Training Does the Custodian Provide?

Ongoing support and training are crucial for advisors to navigate challenges and stay updated on industry trends. Understand the level of support provided, including responsiveness and expertise. Inquire about the educational resources and training programs offered. References from other advisors who have received exceptional support can provide valuable insights.

6. What Is the Financial Stability of the Custodian?

The financial stability of the custodian is a critical factor in ensuring the long-term success of an advisory practice. Examine financial reports and disclosures to assess stability. Inquire about risk management practices and how the custodian ensures continuity of services, especially during economic uncertainties.

7. How Flexible Is the Custodian in Accommodating the Unique Needs of Your Advisory Practice?

Every advisory practice is unique, and a custodian’s flexibility is key. Assess the custodian’s ability to tailor solutions based on the size and focus of your practice. Understand any restrictions or limitations that might impact your ability to operate effectively in your specific environment.

The Bottom Line

By asking these questions, financial advisors can make informed decisions when selecting a custodian. Remember, the custodian isn’t just a service provider; it’s a strategic partner influencing the growth, efficiency, and overall success of your practice. Take the time to thoroughly assess each aspect to ensure a lasting partnership.

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