Providing the investment platforms you need to best serve your clients

IFP offers a broad array of investment platforms to better serve your clients unique needs. 

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Focused only on providing the services and products your clients need

At IFP, our financial professionals provide their clients with services and products that match their needs without any quotas or sales goals.


Flexible and open architecture, our advisory platform allows our financial professionals to optimize the fee-based advice they provide.

We understand the importance of having options when it comes to your clients’ financial planning and investment needs. With our vast range of custodian options, you can ensure you provide the best solution for your clients.

Discover greater flexiblity and choices amongst the following:

  • Multiple Custodians and Third Party Asset Manager Relationships (TPAMs)
  • 3(21) and 3(38) Retirement Plan Agreements and support
  • Financial Planning Agreements equipped with subscription billing
  • In-sourced asset management powered by IFP Asset Management
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Increase your bottomline without compromising on the quality of products you offer

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At IFP we believe in providing our clients’ with the best options available. Our financial professionals have access to a wide array of vetted and approved commission-based products to service their clients’ unique needs.

Give your clients the best by:

  • Utilizing our brokerage platform powered by Pershing
  • Gaining access to a myriad of mutual fund and variable annuity companies specific for direct business
  • Recommending sophisticated alternative investment product options from well vetted product providers


Gain direct access to a full menu of financial solutions

Our team is proud to have developed relationships with some of the most respected names in the industry to provide your clients with the best financial solutions.

Tap into our Direct Business offerings including:

  • Fixed Insurance Business powered by Pinnacle
  • Mutual Fund and 529 Plans
  • Extensive suite of Annuity products
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which custodians are available for advisory business?

IFP offers financial professionals the choice of one of four custodians including Pershing LLC, Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and SEI. In additional, our financial professionals can choose from our lineup of third part asset managers.

Where do I place my brokerage/commission-based business?

Commission-based brokerage accounts are placed at Pershing LLC through IFP’s broker-dealer. Our financial professionals are able to do direct business with fund companies and insurance companies through a required “shell account” at Pershing LLC.

What about fixed insurance?

Our financial professionals can place their fixed insurance business through their agency of choice. If opting to use IFP’s agency, the IFP Insurance Group (partner of the Pinnacle Group), any business done through the IFP Insurance Group will counts toward the financial professional’s overall payout grid.

Does IFP offer alternatives?

IFP offers a lineup of curated and vetted alternative investments, available for brokerage and advisory accounts. Please inform your recruiter if you’re interested in learning more.