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Our comprehensive range of services, products, and platforms are designed to give you the range of solutions your business and employer clients require to address their unique needs, goals, and objectives.

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History and expertise where needed most.

We understand the critical role that employers play in helping their employees plan for a more secure future. Our long history and expertise supporting retirement plan specialists and non-retirement plan focused professionals is showcased through our range of offerings.

qualified plans

Qualified Plans

We support our retirement plan professionals through our CEFEX certified service model, flexible service agreements and extensive list of approved service providers. Non-retirement plan specialists are able to partner with IFP for co-fiduciary services through our Financial Independence Platform which offers an option 3(38) service.

non-qualified plans

Non-Qualified Plans

IFP goes further to offer non-qualified plan education and access to resources enhanced by our partnership with the National Association of Plan Advisors. For those looking to incorporate this type of consulting into their practices, we deliver the knowledge and tools you need to expand your offerings, now or in the future.

exit and succession planning


Backed with the tools and expertise to ensure your employer clients are always in the best hands.

When the time comes, IFP is focused on delivering the multidisciplinary expertise, tools and relationships that can help financial professionals become valuable and trusted resources to small to medium-sized business owners looking to develop a succession plan and exit strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can IFP support me within the qualified retirement plan markets?

IFP has a long history of supporting both commission and advisory fee-based retirement plans with a goal to support both Generalists and Specialists. We are a NAPA Firm Partner with a CEFEX certified support model. Our flexible ERISA agreements enable 3(21), 3(38), and non-fiduciary consulting and management services as well as allow our Advisors to act in a fiduciary capacity at the participant level. Our current financial professionals deliver wrap-around services on more than 50 different recordkeeping platforms and group products, including Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) and Group of Plans (GOPs) designs.

Does IFP have internal expertise with nonqualified deferred compensation plans?

IFP is uniquely qualified to support financial professionals wanting to work in the nonqualified plan space as our Chief Business Development Officer is the author and principal driver of the NAPA Nonqualified Plan Advisor (NQPA) designation program. Our expertise extends to Split Dollar Arrangements, Section 162(m) Bonus Plans, Phantom Stock, and Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs) plans.

Is IFP focused on any emerging opportunities that can help grow my business?

Yes, IFP is focused on helping advisors develop the multidisciplinary expertise, tools, and relationships needed to become a valuable and trusted resource to owners of small and medium-sized businesses looking to develop a succession plan and exit strategy. According to data from the Exit Planning Institute, it is estimated that over $10 trillion dollars will be changing hands over the next ten years, creating a great opportunity for an advisor with the right support to fill the gap of trusted resources in the marketplace.

Are annuity products a focus for IFP?

IFP services a large block of annuity contracts and maintains an extensive BD distributed commissionable annuity product shelf. This product shelf consists of both variable and fixed indexed annuities which extends to select fee-based options as well. In addition, IFP partners with select IMOs to broaden our advisor’s accessibility to traditional fixed annuities and multi-year guaranteed annuities (MYGAs).