Expand your investment team without the hassle of hiring and onboarding.

From performing due diligence to rebalancing or constructing portfolios, our multi-credentialed team members act as an extension of your practice and help you meet the goals and needs of your clients.

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Investment strategies tailored to your business

We can collaborate with you to create custom strategies for your clients when insourcing with IFP’s Asset Management. Our multi-credentialed team of trading and research specialists work to design each case to match a client’s needs by evaluating risk tolerance, taking into account estimated growth while striving to eliminate the emotional element from the equation.


Managing portfolios, made simple

Focus on growing your practice and let us help with the day-to-day portfolio management. We provide a range of model portfolio offerings including: passive, strategic, tactical, quantitative individual equity, and income oriented. Gain confidence in knowing your clients’ accounts are secure and well-managed, backed by the lastest technology.

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Flexible custodian options

We offer four qualified independent custodian options that provide our financial professionals with the flexibility to service advisory assets in multiple channels. Our open architecture ensures that you have the freedom to customize your clients’ portfolios to their individual needs and preferences.

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Identify risk tolerance

Our team will help your clients assess their risk tolerance and make informed decisions about their investments. By understanding their ability to tolerate market volatility, our specialists can create or suggest a portfolio tailored to their needs.

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Your go-to stop for all aspects IFP Asset Management.

Gain instant access to IFPAM’s proprietary web-based application, Asset Management X, when you join the IFP Network. Here you can access customized strategies, discover relevant investment research, stay current with economic updates, and easily enroll accounts for management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does IFP Asset Management provide?

IFPAM provides our financial professionals with:

  1. A multi-credentialed investment team able to act as an extension of your own practice, helping to bolster your investment team and improve credibility. 
  2. Model investment portfolios to use with their clients.
  3. The ability to build a customized investment strategy that incorporates the financial professional’s own investment philosophy for those who want to remain part of the investment process.
  4. Execution of trades for any managed account, freeing up time for financial professionals to focus on more revenue generating and value-added tasks. Additionally, IFPAM can handle investing account contributions, freeing up cash for withdrawals, and any other trading tasks.

What is IFP Asset Management's value proposition?

IFP Asset Management (IFPAM) is a diverse team of investment professionals dedicated to supporting advisors and their clients with all their investing needs. Our multi-credentialed team members act as an extension of the financial professional’s practice, instantly strengthening their investment team, without incurring the expense of hiring outside staff. By insourcing IFP Asset Management’s services, financial professionals can focus their time on client-facing activities, instead of handling asset management tasks such as performing due diligence, rebalancing portfolios, and constructing portfolios. IFPAM offers financial professionals with pre-built investment strategies designed to help meet a wide array of client goals and needs. For financial professionals that are looking for a more hands on approach, IFPAM can also act as an insourced CIO, enhancing the financial professional’s credibility, assisting the financial professional with conducting investment research, and building customized strategies.

How can I utilize IFP Asset Management's Services?

Upon joining IFP, financial professionals will be given access to Asset Management X, IFPAM’s proprietary web-based application and the place financial professionals would go to get more information on IFPAM’s investment strategies and to enroll accounts for management.

What makes IFP Asset Management Different?

Trying to hire outside investment staff can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive. IFPAM provides an in-house solution, at costs that are typically much cheaper than hiring your own staff. With a diverse set of pre-built models and the ability for financial professionals to customize strategies, IFPAM can help meet the needs of almost any client.