Launch or re-engineer your financial institution’s wealth program

We work closely with you to tailor a wealth program that aims to align with your institution’s specific needs.

grow your financial business
practice management

Zero Capital Investment

We take care of the costly aspects of building a successful wealth management program, including compliance, operations, recruiting, sales, services, training, and technology.

business development

Increased Valuation

Working alongside the executive team, we support W2, hybrid, or contract financial professional programs. This approach drives higher NII and market valuation.

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Boutique Approach

With a commitment to partnering exclusively with a handpicked roster of financial institutions, we introduce truly customized solutions that help elevate the institution’s distinctiveness within their marketplace.


Receive comprehensive support by joining forces with a financial institution.

We provide industry research, outreach, and introductions to local banks or credit unions. We guide you through negotiations, contracting, program launch, and continue to offer extensive support in the months that follow.

financial professionals
grow your business

Grow your Practice

When you affiliate with a financial institution, you gain access to a powerful center of influence that can help accelerate the growth of your practice as a financial professional.

business development

Practice Diversification

Harnessing the power of a financial institution affiliation stimulates business growth by diversifying the income stream and cultivating a diverse clientele base for financial professionals.

personal development

Build a Team

Integrating a financial institution into your practice presents an avenue for recruiting opportunities, fueling the growth of your practice.

Let us help your business reach it’s true potential

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Empowering Financial Institutions with Custom Solutions

“Big Box” broker-dealers, through industry consolidation, resulted in the use of an overused and outdated cookie-cutter template approach. This approach fails to align with a changing regulatory environment the mandates acting in the clients’ best interest. At IFP, we know there’s a better way. Our leadership team works to create customized solutions tailored to differentiate your financial institution in your marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do community banks or credit unions need wealth management?

Wealth management represents a vital role, enhancing customer retention and increasing “share of wallet.” 

Regulatory guidance permits financial institutions the ability to enter into a networking arrangement with a broker dealer to generate non-interest income – driving a greater pricing multiple in terminal point valuations.

Why would a community bank opt to use IFP rather than one of the large, well known providers that caters to the Financial Institution channel?

Bigger is not always better. Do you want to be a “small fish in a big pond” working with a firm that caters to hundreds of financial institutions? Community banking is rooted in local solutions – customized differentiation, focus and partnership. Why mimic another local bank or credit union? 

Instead of a generic, off-the-rack wealth management initiative, we create a tailored solution customized and exclusive across your geographical footprint.  Working nationally, we selectively choose financial institutions to engage in a geographically exclusive partnership.

What makes IFP Institutional Services different from other broker-dealers working with community banks or credit unions?

Unlike our competitors, our leadership has experience spanning commercial and retail banking, private banking and wealth management. Instead of focusing on depleting and disintermediating bank deposits – we introduce tactics to strengthen your business lines:

  • Comprehensive “Exit Planning” for business owners, farmers, and professionals

  • IFP is the only broker dealer that supports the formation of bank-owned advisory firms

  • Custom 1031 exchange solutions for multi-family, owner occupied businesses and investors

  • Complimentary financial planning, geographical exclusivity, and creation of Centers of Influence

Where do financial institutions make the greatest mistakes in working with broker dealers?

Mistakenly, financial institutions often equate “size” with “expertise.”  Unfortunately, large firms often provide the least effective solutions compared to boutique providers.  

 Boutique solutions offered through smaller, more nimble firms produce markedly different results. IFP offers “open architecture” access to products and research with zero proprietary bias. As well, IFP provides access to national technology partners and research solutions including Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and Pershing LLC provide added value to clients and advisors alike.