IFP Partners with EAI Information Systems

Apr 20, 2021 | Compliance


Tampa, FL, April 20, 2020 – Independent Financial Partners (IFP) is happy to announce it signed a contract with EAI Information Systems (“EAI”) to provide sharp surveillance tools to augment its transaction and account supervisory activities.  Such tools are expected to enhance IFP’s operational efficiency and supervisory oversight.  

EAI created a software system that enabled users to convert a single transaction into an ongoing customer relationship.  This approach delivers reliable performance and trend data that may also be leveraged to boost business.  EAI emerged as a one-stop solution for tracking sales, referrals and commissions, as well as handling compliance and positions reporting. As part of its integrated solutions, EAI will also provide IFP CRM tools, with optionality to subscribe to reporting on commission/Rep productivity, and will integrate with IFP’s data warehouse that houses the transaction data from the various clearing platforms utilized by IFP, including data from Pershing, Schwab/TD. Fidelity and SEI.  

For information on EAI may found here: http://www.eaiinfosys.com/Company

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